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Reception desks are not just a simple desk rather offer the function of the overall positive representation of a company or an office. These are usually positioned in public and other commercial places, where visitors, customers, job candidates, or share-holders are greeted and pay frequent visit to the receptionists for attaining information, when they visit hotels, offices, schools or other institutes. Reception desk are the important part of furniture for decorating the office place. Reception desks are placed at the entrance area, close to the main door so that the visitors face convenience. Moreover, the type, design, style, shape, quality and the color of a desk has a great impact on the visitors about the overall environment and the standard of the certain institute. Some desks have a company logo or name written on it for enhancing the first impression. It is necessary to give a welcoming look to the visitors for profitable relations or for maintaining ideal business transactions. Reception desk come in many different shapes and designs so to attract the visitors or guests and to make an overall good impression on them either to impress or to create friendly relations with them. Some are in very interesting designs to form a unique impression and to draw visitor’s attention. These desks can be either of wood, steel, stone, metal, glass or leather and even cement giving an addition to the styles of reception desks.Double-Reception-Desk-reviews-atbest


Following features are necessary to consider when you think of setting up a reception desk at your desired location.
• Considering about the spatial area according to the number of people need to be seated in the reception desk.
• Enough area for the machinery or other equipment like computers, note-pads or other related necessary items.
• Need of cabinets, drawers or other storage areas.
• The entrance area to reception desk like a gate or flap door.
• Should match with the other interior designing in color and texture.

Types of Reception desks:

Double Reception DeskDouble Reception Desk

Double reception desk is basically a round shaped desk which offer greater space for the customers or clients, avoiding the occurrence of traffic around the desk. There are cut outs within the desk for computers and other machinery’ cords or wires. Available in affordable prices even though people think that because of the round shape it might be the expensive one but is cheaper than the typical receptionist desk and are mainly made of wood, whereas the usage of other material depends upon one’s choice or need. Some also come with the design of steel lined in or also known as silver frame, enhancing the look and elegance and are coated with a protective layer for avoiding any scratches especially when planning for under use for a long span of time. Its height and width can depend upon your need or preference you want for your place. It can be in dark, light or in chocolate brown color, or walnut. It may also consist of drawers for keeping important files and documents. A double reception desk offers a large area, which assists in dealing with multiple clients at one time.

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L- Shaped Reception DeskL- Shaped Reception Desk

It is an affordable outlay for one’s office, hospital, school etc. It gives the required standard official look. L- Shaped Reception Desk offers ample space for keeping files whether in drawers or desk-tops. Its shape and style maintains the privacy while making an open welcoming look for the clients. It can be made fit in a small room easily. Depending upon the requirement, it can be made to accommodate 2 people- one at right and the other on left or can be made for 4 people- two at right and 2 at the left side of the L-shaped reception desk, and thus, the size of the desk can be made enlarged. The biggest advantage of L-shaped Reception Desk is that it can be placed at room’s corner giving a warm look. Such style consists of relatively more number of drawers for saving significant files, papers or other tools. Hence, L-shaped reception desks are best for the professional image for greeting visitors. Its material can range from wood to iron/steel, some may have glass panel as well.

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Modern Reception DeskModern Reception Desk

Modern reception desks are mostly preferred by the people to placed them at their business sites, salons or spas for giving a stylish and modern look to fascinate the outsiders. The glossy look of the desk adds beauty and fashion to a room. In some desks, glass panels are common to be used while other desks may use other material as-well like metal. These reception desk furniture are usually in rectangular shape; most of them having a glass desk-top for giving an overall modern look to the desk. According to the need, cabinets or drawers can be added to such a desk but by having an enlarged desk area the work can be done and the lower part can be left for placing legs and knees within the desk. Modern reception desks are common to be seen in schools and universities and might have a logo at the front. In order to have the best reception desk for your place you can consult an interior designer for setting the desk within the room in contrast to other furniture style and color.

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